year 9 science

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what does the frontal lobe help us do? Name at least 2
emotion, mood personality, problemsolving, reasoning
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what does the parietal lobe help us do?
temperature, pain, pressure
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what does the occipital lobe help us do?
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what does the Cerebelum lobe help us do?
co-ordination, balance
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what does the brainstem help us do?
regulating vital bodily function
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what does the temporal lobe help us do?
hearing, language, speech
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what is innate and learned behaviour?
innate: is behaviour that you have in herited. Lerned: is behaviour you have learned whilst growing up
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what is imprinting?
imprinting is when a person or animal comes to recognise the first thing they see and becomes attached
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what is conditioning?
conditioning is when you set up experiments to make an animal or human behave a certain type of way. eg phobias can be conditioned
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what can affect your memory?
temperature, sound, age, how long you've learnt something,whether you've seen or heard it
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what is variation?
the difference in organism
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what are characteristics?
the feautures of organisms that make us different
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what does inherited mean?
characteristics received from our parents, passed through genes.
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what is enviromental?
characteristics caused by enviromental factors such as food.
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what is a specie?
a group of organisms that can reproduce to make offspring
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how are identical twins created?
through a fertilised egg which has been split into two.
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what is cloning?
when use a gentics of a specie to produce another specie with same gentics.
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explain selective breeding?
is when a desired characteristic is wanted from a human or animal. then it is decided which parents has this feature and then an offspring is bred.
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advantages and disadvantages to selective breeding
advantages: High Profiting- animals like cows can produce more milk bringing mre money for farms, Can eliminate diseases. Disadvantages: Can cause gentic vaiety to decrase, Animal discomfort
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describe genes in medicines.
Humalin. insulin gene taken from humans and put in bacteria so it's quickr and cheaper.
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what is the difference between pollination and fertilsation in plants?
Pollination is the process whereby pollen grains move from the anther to the stigma on a flower’s style, while fertilization is the fusion of the male gametes and female egg cells to form a new plant seed.
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why is iron good for our diet
it helps make red blood cells which produce oxygen
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why are calcium ions important
the are involved in blood clotting, the control of muscle contraction
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give an example of natural pollution
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what does the parietal lobe help us do?


temperature, pain, pressure

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what does the occipital lobe help us do?


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what does the Cerebelum lobe help us do?


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what does the brainstem help us do?


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