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In Chemistry, there are three familiar states of matter. Gas, liquid and?
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Which chemical element carries the symbol 'Se'?
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How long does it take for the Earth to rotate once around its own axis?
24 hours
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What element's chemical symbol is 'I'?
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What effect does adrenaline have on the heart rate?
It raises the heart rate
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What colour labels did a 1989 EEC meeting suggest should be stuck on environment-friendly products?
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What is measured using the Richter scale?
The strength of an earthquake.
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What company produces the iPod?
Apple Inc.
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What nerve carries signals from the retina to the brain?
Optic nerve
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What do astrologers call their chart of predictions based on the position of planets and the signs of the zodiac?
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What element has the atomic number 26 and the chemical symbol Fe?
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Which metal has a liquid consistency at room temperature?
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Which is the only even prime number?
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How many carats is pure gold?
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Which science deals with snow and ice and the natural formations they make?
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What might you now use to fix the handle of a coffee mug that Dr Harry Cooper discovered in 1952 and rejected because it was too sticky?
Super glue
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What word was used in connection with radio and television originally came from an agricultural term referring to the scattering of seeds?
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The number of protons in the nucleus of an atom is known by what term?
Atomic number
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What black powder did the Chinese invent to make fireworks?
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Why is blinking good for your eyes?
It keeps them clean
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The invention of what machine brought about the Industrial Revolution of the 1700s and 1800s?
The steam engine
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The word cardiac refers to what part of the body?
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At room temperature what form does helium take?
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How many faces does an octahedron have?
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The trachea is another name for what?
The windpipe
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Copper was named after what island?
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What is the chemical formula for thallium (I) iodide?
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What is the square root of 441?
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What is the chemical symbol for iron (III) iodide?
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Who is the 'Nobel Prize' named after?
Alfred Nobel
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Which teeth grind food?
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What would be the correct chemical name for the compound known as chrome alum?
Chromic Potassium Sulphate
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What is the chemical formula for chlorine perchlorate?
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By what name is 'Deoxyribonucleic acid' more commonly known as?
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What is the chemical formula for caesium sulphide?
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What is 'Autophobia' a fear of?
Enclosed spaces
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What is the world's oldest science?
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What does turbulence in the earth's atmosphere appear to make stars do?
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Which measurement unit uses the abbreviation 'N'?
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What kind of acids are bonded together in chains called 'peptides'?
Amino acids
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What dangerous insulation material is known as the 'woolly rock'?
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What is the clever-sounding name for a human third molar?
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Which comet, named after a British royal astronomer, last appeared in 1986?
Halley's comet
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Which American astronomer gave his name to a telescope launched into space in 1990?
Edwin Hubble
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How many feet deep is the average grave in the US?
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What name is given to the shortest day of the year?
Winter Solstice
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What was the name of car enthusiast Count Emil Hellinek's daughter?
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What do girasol plants turn towards
The sun
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What is pogonophobia the fear of, which would cause sufferers to avoid Noel Edmonds and Bill Oddie?
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Where are epidural injections given?
In the spine
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What is the name of the planet situated between Jupiter and Uranus?
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What was Rowland Hill the first to put on the back of a postage stamp?
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What was the leading cause of death for Americans until 1921?
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What insulates the ice cream to prevent it from melting in the hot dish 'Baked Alaska'?
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Which is the coldest planet in the solar system?
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How many volts are there in an AA battery?
1.5 volts
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What became the furthest major planet from the Sun when Pluto was downgraded to minor planet status in 2006?
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What violet-blue variety of quartz was once said to prevent drunkenness?
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What never works at night and requires a gnomon to tell the time?
Sun dial
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By what name is the central solid part of a comet known?
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What country has the most tornadoes in an average year?
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What does the Latin abbreviation 'PhD' stand for?
Philosophiae Doctor
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What was the active ingredient in the Victorian sedative called 'Laudanum'?
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What was the surname of William, who bought the patent for James Murray Spangler's newly invented vacuum cleaners?
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How many sides does a dodecagon have?
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What planet has a storm system called 'The Great Red Spot'?
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What does an electroencephalogram show?
Electrical activity in the brain
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What name is given to the dark areas on the surface of the sun?
Sun spots
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What liquid did Swiss candle maker Daniel Peter first add to chocolate in 1867?
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What is the Fahrenheit equivalent of 0 degrees Celsius?
32 degrees Fahrenheit
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What is at an average distance of 238,857 miles from the Earth?
The Moon
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What do 'gynophobics' fear?
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What vitamin's principal form is ascorbic acid?
Vitamin C
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What was the name of the American astronomer who discovered the existence of galaxies outside our own?
Edwin Powell Hubble
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What was Samuel Benedict trying to cure when he ordered his first Eggs Benedict?
A hangover
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By what other name is the constellation 'Orion' also known?
The hunter
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What is the popular name for what NASA refers to as its Space Transportation System?
Space Shuttle
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What kind of television set would a chromophobe prefer?
Black and White
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Over what does a gnomon cast a shadow?
A sundial
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What name, originally describing a person who performed calculations, has now come to mean an electronic machine that performs multiple task?
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What did Thomas Sullivan accidentally invent in 1908 by sending his customers sample in small silk packets?
Tea bag
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What registered brand name is now used for the cotton swabs invented in 1923 by Leo Gerstenzang?
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What name is given to permanently frozen sub-soil?
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What name is given to theoretically the lowest possible temperature?
Absolute zero
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What is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men?
Prostate cancer
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Which TV presenter hosted the programme 'The Sky at Night' from 1957?
Sir Patrick Moore
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Which element, also called wolfram, can be used as the filament in electric light bulbs?
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What company with a name beginning with X produced the first one piece, plain paper photocopier?
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What is the name of the process that occurs in the muscles?
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What substance is nicknamed 'Texas Tea'?
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What does ROM stand for in CD-ROM?
Read-Only Memory
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What is the so-called Andromeda Nebula if it isn't a nebula?
A galaxy
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What island was rocked by an explosion called the loudest sound ever heard?
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What is the 'Great Red Spot' scientists have identified on the planet Jupiter?
A great storm
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Which science deals with compressed air and its use in technology?
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Which American state has an element named after it?
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What 1947 invention by Bell Telephone Laboratories spawned pocket-sized radios?
The transistor
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What bits of the body are studied in the science of oncology?
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What constitutes 58% of the volume of an egg?
The white
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Which industrialist hit on the idea for mass production after watching workers in a meat-packing plant?
Henry Ford
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What geometric shape fits the hole that forms an Allen wrench?
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What product that takes its name from a farm animal is a step along the way from iron ore to cast iron?
Pig iron
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What is the rare hereditary condition in which the body fails to synthesise melanin pigment?
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What sign of the zodiac is represented by an archer?
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What gas makes up approximately 74 percent of the Sun's mass?
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Which company's Silver Ghost was hailed the best car in the world in 1907?
Rolls Royce
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What is the international radio code for the letter R?
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What gives off the active smell in smelling salts?
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What does an ergophobic layabout fear?
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For what did Jonas Silk discover a vaccine in 1952?
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How many carats is gold that has been assessed at 916 parts per thousand?
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What is Morse Code for five?
Dot dot dot dot dot
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What feature gives this creature the name 'conchiferous'?
The shell
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What are the three secondary colours?
Orange, green and purple
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Martin Cooper made the first call on what type of device on April 3, 1973?
Handheld mobile phone
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Bronze is a mix of copper and which other metal?
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What is the oxygen content of the Earth's atmosphere?
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What is dry ice made of?
Carbon dioxide
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What was the name of Armstrong and Aldrin's lunar module?
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Which vitamin, found in eggs, promotes a healthy nervous system and blood supply?
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What does an agoraphobiac fear?
Open spaces
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What kind of bank cools down its deposits to minus 196.5 degrees Centrigrade?
A sperm bank
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What are the four largest moons that orbit the planet Jupiter known as?
Galilean Moons
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What two words describe a drug used to disguise the use of another drug, such as steroids?
Masking agent
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Which two months are named after men who actually lived?
July and August
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What holds the bit in a drill?
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What name is given to a break in a rock formation caused by a shift in the Earth's crust?
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What is the only weight in the International Radio Alphabet?
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Most commonly given values between 0 and 12, and named after a 19th century British admiral, what does the Beaufort scale measure?
Wind speed
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According to Ohm's Law what is the product of amps x resistance?
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What does a photovoltaic system convert light into?
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What kind of waves transmit television pictures?
Radio waves
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To what domestic use are the leaf tips of Camellia sinensis put?
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What was the profession of William Semple who in 1869 became the first man to add sugar to chewing gum?
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What is the minimum quantity of radioactive material called that is needed for a nuclear chain reaction?
Critical mass
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What chemical element was formally known as 'brimstone'?
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What is the international radio word for the letter Z?
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What does the sun convert into helium?
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Who founded the German company that merged with Daimier-Motoren-Gesellschaft in 1926?
Karl Benz
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Of what is an androphobic women afraid?
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Which plant is associated with the Sunday before Easter?
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What is the name for plants that live on the surface of rocks?
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What type of internal combustion engine has one upward stroke and one downward stroke to every power stroke?
Two stroke
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Where does geothermal energy come from?
From the Earth
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What type of music system projects its sound from four different speakers, each producing a different track?
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By what name is the anti morning sickness drug Sistaval better known?
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What other metal joins iron and nickel to form stainless steel?
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What does a trikaidekaphobic fear?
The number 13
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What was the first patented in Britain in 1750 with a recipe consisting mostly of fish and fish bones?
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With which device did a French physicist prove that the Earth rotated, in 1851?
Foucault's pendulum
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What clock-adjusting scheme was first put into effect in the US in 1918?
Daylight-savings time
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What kind of fuel powers a 'gas' cigarette lighter?
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What is the fear known as 'Cynophobia'?
The fear of dogs
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'Ganymede' and 'Lo' are moons of which planet?
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In 2006, which was the brightest star in the sky after the Sun?
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In what century was the 'aerosol can' invented?
20th century
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In which century was safety glass invented?
20th century
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Which number is the base number in the decimal system?
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What are brails and buntlines on a ship?
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Whose Difference Engine is often described as the first computer?
Charles Baggage's
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Who invented dynamite in 1866?
Alfred Nobel
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What generates the microwaves in a microwave oven?
The magnetron
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What is the oldest man-made metal?
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What company produced the Brownie camera?
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What name is given to an ornamental carving attached to the front of a ship?
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What country deforested an area of land the size of Belgium in the 1980s?
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How many zeros are there on a US trillion?
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What term for 'bipolar disorder' has fallen out of general use?
Manic depression
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What P word means the visible surface of the Sun?
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What flows into your house at a rate of 50 cycles per second?
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What would you find in a car that is also a device that brings charged properties up to high kinetic energies?
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Of what is the Montessori System a method?
Teaching young children
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What does a depilatory remove?
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With what complaint do you sock-it to your partner, if you suffer podobromhidrosis?
Smelly feet
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Which multi-millionaire flew around the world in a record four days in 1938?
Howard Hughes
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What flowed through an ancient Egyptian clepsydra to tell the time?
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What type of wave within the electromagnetic spectrum do all hot objects emit?
Infrared (IR)
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What did ancient Egyptian women do with the metal antimony?
Paint their eyes
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Which chemical element carries the symbol 'Se'?



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What element's chemical symbol is 'I'?


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