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define health
state of physical, social and mental wellbeing where we are free from disease
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define fitness
ability to carry out every day tasks without undue fatigue
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define strength
ability of body to apply a force against a resistance
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define maximum strength
maximum force developed in muscle or group during single maximal contraction
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define elastic strength
overcome resistance rapidly and prepare muscle for sequential contraction
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define strength endurance
muscle or group undergo repeated contraptions, withstand fatigue
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define power
combination of strength and speed
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define body composition
relative components of total body mass in terms of fat mass and lean body mass
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aspects of co-ordination
general, specific, kinaesthetic differentiation, orientation time and space, reactive ability, syncronisation
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lifestyle choice: exercise
healthier, fitter, 1hr per day, cardiovascular diseases, obesity
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lifestyle choice: work/life balance
levels of stress, ability to cope impacts health, adrenaline released
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lifestyle choices: smoking
cardiovascular disease, cancer, restricts transport of oxygen and narrowing respiratory pathways
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components of balanced diet
carbs, protein, fat, water, fibre, minerals, vitamins
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simple and complex, stored in muscles and liver as glycogen, complex give slow release of energy (GI) continous supply of energy
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source of energy at low intensity, saturated fats found in meats/dairy, fats absorb fat soluble vitamins, layer of insulation, protect vital organs
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provide enzymes, growth and repair of cells, manufacture of haemoglobin and myoglobin
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help release energy from breakdown of carbs, fats + proteins, promote healthy immune system
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whats involved in inspiration
active process, external intercostal muscles, diaphram + during exercise aid of scalene and pectorals minor
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whats involved in expiration
internal intercostal muscles, diaphragm + during exercise aid of abdominals
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whats tidal volume
volume inspired + expired per breath- inc, during exercise
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whats inspiratory and expiratory reserve volume
maximum volume inspired or expired following the end of resting- dec. exercise
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residual volume
volume air remaining in lungs at end of maximal contraction- remains same
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minute ventilation
volume of air breathed in or out per min
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where does gaseous exchange occur
between alveoli and capillaries AND muscle tissue and capillaries
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high concentration to a low concentration
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control of respiration
inspiratory and expiratory control centre
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define fitness


ability to carry out every day tasks without undue fatigue

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define strength


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define maximum strength


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define elastic strength


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