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2. In which Section of what Act is the role of the Law Commission defined as, "to keep under review all law with a view to its systematic development and review"?

  • Section 5 of the Law Reform Bodies Act 1967
  • Section 3 of the Law Commissions Act 1965
  • Section 1 of the Law Commission Act 1963
  • Section 2 of the Law Commissioners Act 1964
  • Section 4 of the Commission of Law Reform Act 1966

3. Who of the following is NOT employed by the Law Commission?

  • A Chief Executive
  • 4 Parliamentary Draftspeople
  • 4 Law Commissioners
  • A Chairperson
  • Other Support Staff

4. The 4 main aims of the Law Commission are to repeal, to consolidate, to codify and to create laws.

  • True
  • False

5. Royal Commissions are permanent and full-time bodies.

  • False
  • True


Heather Wells


This is an excellent source of revision ;)

Joe Brown


It was really stretching! Luckily, my revision pulled me through ... phew! XD



it really helps

Smith E


As the comments attest, students find this quiz helpful. Dates are easy, in any subject, to forget or muddle and number 6 is therefore a good question. The same can be said for sections of Acts; see question 2.

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