Key people 1547-1553

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Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset
Made himself Duke of Somerset Feb 1547, Lord Protector 31st Jan 1547-31st Oct 1549 (ruled with virtual royal authority), dismissed in 1549 and imprisoned, Apr 1550-released and back on PC, Jan 1552 tried and executed.
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Lord Russell
Privy Councillor (conservative faction), helped suppress the Western Rebellion 1549, changed sides under Northumberland and made Earl of Bedford, sent to France in Jan 1550 to negotiate settlement.
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Sir Thomas Smith
Member of Somerset's household (servant), Somerset ruled using his own household over Privy Council and used his servants as Government officials.
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Earl of Southampton
Conservative member of Privy Council, Helped Somerset to Lord Protector, 1549-50 wanted to use case against Somerset to overthrow Northumberland, removed from Privy Council early 1550.
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Richard Rich, Lord Rich
Lord Chancellor under Somerset
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Earl of Arundel
Conservative member of PC, initially a supporter of Somerset and on his PC, one of the key people to lead Coup against Somerset, purged from Northumberland's council due to religious conservatism in early 1550.
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William Paulet, Lord St John
Lord treasurer (1550-1572), helped to bring down Somerset, was offered an Earldom by N. later became Marquis of Chichester, was on PC in Ed's reign, Mary's reign and served Liz
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William Paget, Lord Paget
Privy Councillor under S (1547-1549), imprisoned as feared conservative enemy by N in 1552, but returned to favour & PC under M, was then excluded from service by Liz and faded into insignificance.
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Thomas Cranmer
Protestant reformer, Archbishop of Canterbury, write the 1549 and more radical 1552 Books of Common Prayer, was burnt for heresy in 1556 by M. Influenced by ideas of Zwingli, wrote Homilies of Obedience, was close to Ed, was key figure under S & N
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Sir John Gates
Chief Gentleman of PC (from 1547), Vice Chamberlain of N household (from 1551), close supported of N, had access to dry stamp.
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William Grey
Bishop of Ely and Lord Chancellor (1552-1553), Protestant who N appointed to PC after S fall from power.
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Thomas Grey
Marquis of Dorset (1549), made Duke of Suffolk at same time Warwick became Duke of N, LJG father, Protestant who N appointed to PC after S fall from power.
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George Day
Bishop of Chichester, arrested and imprisoned in 1550, opposed N attack on altars.
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Martin Bucer, Peter Martyr & Bernard Ochino
Foreign Protestant reformers, opposed the 1549 Prayer Book and influenced the more radical 1552 Act of Uniformity and new version of Prayer Book.
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Mary, Queen of Scots
Queen of Scotland, proposed marriage alliance between her & Ed (1547), sent to live in France due to agreed marriage alliance between Scotland & France, marrying MQS to Dauphin Francis (1548)
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Henry II
King of France, sent troops to Scotland (1547-49), signed Treaty of Boulogne (1550), alliance with German princes (1552), ruined S plan of garrisoning, became great super power of Europe.
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Charles V
Holy Roman Emperor, created alliance (1549)-ratified the 1544 Anglo-Imperial treaty, Devout Catholic, reduced threat of invasion from France, England relied on Charles for mercenaries and supplies from the Netherlands.
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Robert Kett
Landowner who led the rebellion in East Anglia over enclosure acts/religion, led to rebels to Norwich, produced a list of articles (demands) to give to the government, tried for treason and hanged (Nov 1549)
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Guildford Dudley
son of John Dudley (N), married LJG (May 1553)
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Lady Jane Grey
Named heir to Ed's throne, granddaughter of Henry VII, proclaimed Queen of England (1553), part of the 'devise', named her and her sons heirs to the throne.
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John Dudley, Earl of Warwick
Lord President of the Council (1550-1553), acted as regent for Ed, became Duke of N (Oct 1551), plotted with number of Councillors to remove S, executed for treason by M (Aug 1553)
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William Herbert
Knight of the Garter (1549), was offered an earldom (1551), guardian of Ed after Henry VIII's death, conservative figure
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Thomas Seymour
made Lord Admiral by his brother (S), raised to peerage as Lord Seymour of Sudeley, left out of regency council, tried to turn Ed against his brother, tried to plot with Southampton against S, had treason charges brought against him.
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William Parr, Marquis of Northampton & Earl of Essex
EoE (1543), MoN (1547), convicted of treason (1553) but released by Liz (1553), Ed's 'beloved uncle', leader of attempt to put LJG on throne.
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Nicholas Ridley & John Hooper
R=Bishop of Rochester&London, returned to England (1549), prominent reformer early in Ed's reign. H=radical bishop, Bishop of Gloucester, appointed chaplain to S, criticised rules of clerical dress, transferred allegiance to N, became chaplain to him
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Stephen Gardiner
Bishop of Winchester in Henry VIII's reign, lost favour with Ed and was imprisoned in tower.
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Sir Michael Stanhope
Influential courtier, beheaded on Tower Hill (Feb 1552), convicted of conspiring to kill N
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Sir William Cecil
Served N as Secretary of State (1550-1553), briefly imprisoned when S fell from power
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Sir John Thynne
Member of p'mt, Steward to S (1547-49), knighted after battle of Pinkie (1547), twice imprisoned in Tower after fall of S
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