Global Governance key terms

Global Governance
A movement of political integration aimed at negotiating responses to problems that affect more than one state or region.
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Are the values, traditions and customs that govern the way individuals behave in a society - the 'done thing'.
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Are formal obligations and rules which people must follow. They protect the rights and interests of people and are often based on the norms of society.
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Are political and legal organisations that exist to pass and enforce laws as well as act as a forum for discussion and to resolve conflict.
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This ensures global systems (e.g. trade, patterns of human development, migration etc.) are managed and controlled.
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Regulation of golabl systems means everyone acts in a similar way perpetuating global systems - so that patterns that exists continues to exist - it is reproduced.
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United Nations, an international organisation founded in 1945, made up of 193 member states whose aim is to promote international peace and co-operation.
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Non-government organisations, any non profit, voluntary citizens' group with a common interest, which is organised on a local, national or international level, e.g. Greenpeace.
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The World Bank
Is the source of financial and technical assistance to developing countries around the world.
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Global Commons
Are areas that aren't owned by any one country or organisation - they belong to everybody and so should be available for everyone's use and benefit. The global commons include - Antarctica, The High Seas, The Atmosphere and Outer space.
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United Nations Environment Programme, responsible for supporting a coherent structure of international environmental governance.
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Unite Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, is the body responsible for overseeing negotiations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions between nations.
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Sustainable Development
Development which recognises that the needs of the present have to be met but doing this without affecting the needs of future generations.
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The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, coordinates high quality international scientific research.
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Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, negotiate frameworks for mineral and gas exploitation in Antarctica.
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Antarctic Convergence
A curve continuously encircling Antarctica where cold northward flowing Antarctic waters meet the relatively warmer waters of sub-Antarctic.
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Are the values, traditions and customs that govern the way individuals behave in a society - the 'done thing'.

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