Cantonese 2

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You can turn on the aircon
Lei5 hor2yi5 hoi1 laang5hei3
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This movie is good
Yi1tou3hei3 hou2hou2tai2
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These two are the same
Yi1leung2 go3 hai6 yat1yueng6
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I want to go to the park
Gnor5 seung2 hui3 gung1yun2
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You can walk to the museum
Lei5 ho2yi5 haang4lou6 hui3 bok3mat6gun2
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I am cooking dinner
Gnor5 jyu2gan2faan6
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Long time no see!
Hou2 loi6 mou2 gin3!
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How've you been recently?
Zeoi3gan6 dim2aa3
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Have you eaten yet?
Lei5sik6jor2 faan6mei6?
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See you later!
haa6 ci3 gin3!
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What a coincidence!
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I brought you mushrooms
(I brought mushrooms to give to you)
Gnor5 dai3jor2 mo4gu1 bei2lei5
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These slippers are broken
Yi1deoi3 tor1haai2 laan6zor2
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you wear Sun glasses
lei5 daai3 taai3yueng4 gnaan5geng2
you wear (for accessories) sun glasses
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I am from England
Gnor5hai6 ying1gwok3 lai4ge3
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I don't know how to use this
Gnor5 m4sik1yung6 li1go3
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She is not happy
Kui5 m4hoi1sam1
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This song is very good
Yi1 sau2go1 hou2hou2teng1
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This restaurant is very good
Yi1gaan1 chan1teng1 hou2hou2
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Let's go eat something
(We now go eat stuff)
Gnor5dei6 yi4ga1hui3 sik6ye5
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Card 2


This movie is good


Yi1tou3hei3 hou2hou2tai2

Card 3


These two are the same


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Card 4


I want to go to the park


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Card 5


You can walk to the museum


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