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the teaching of the Buddha
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the world of suffering
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understanding the truth about life
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phrases that Buddhists chant
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1. The belief that, after death, souls are rebron into a new body. 2. Actions in life (karma) determine the consequences in the next life. 3. The Buddha taught that souls move from one life to the next.
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1. Nothing lasts forever, even suffering. 2. Everything changes and dies and the Buddha taught life can never satisfy us. 3. There is no permenant self; the body grows and mind develops.
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1. A state of perfect peace where greed, hatred and ignorance are overcome. 2. It can only be reached once you are enlightened. 3. When achieveing it, a person can live in contentment.
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1. The idea that actions have consequences. 2. It impacts reincarnation. 3. It isn't a law but a matter of cause and effect.
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What are the Five Precepts?
1. I will avoid taking life. 2. I will will avoid taking what is not given. 3. I will avoid harmful sexual activity. 4. I will avoid saying what is not true. 5. I will avoid clouding my mind with alcohol or drugs.
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Why are the Five Precepts useful? REASON 1
They give Buddhists guidelines for how to live and be aware of their actions and the consequences of them.
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Why are the Five Precepts useful? REASON 2
They help Buddhists to avoid actions that will bring about harmful results.
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Why are the Five Precepts useful? REASON 3
They show the awareness of the world around you and how you respond to that.
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What is the concept of the Eightfold Path?
A set of 8 steps Buddhists should aim to follow to live a Buddhist way of life.
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What is the Eightfold Path?
1. Right view 2. Right intention 3. Right speech 4. Right action 5. Right livelihood 6. Right effort 7. Right mindfulness 8. Right contemplation
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What is meditation?
A method of calming and training the mind.
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Why do Buddhists meditate? REASON 1
It helps them become more aware of themselves and others. It is a fulfilment of the Eightfold Path
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Why do Buddhists meditate? REASON 2
It helps eliminate stress and make people feel content.
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Why do Buddhists meditate? REASON 3
It helps them see the truth in life. For example some Buddhists meditate on images like a flower, which signifies impermanence.
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