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2. If images are formed behind the eyeball the person is......

  • Long sighted
  • Short sighted
  • Perfectly normal

3. The ciliary muscles are attached to the eye lens by what?

  • Suspensory ligaments
  • Ciliary ligaments
  • The retina

4. For an image to be real and inverted on a converging lens where does the object have to be?

  • Furthur away from the lens than the principal focus
  • Closer to the lens than the focal length
  • Furthur away than twice the focal length

5. What is the unit for the power of a lens?

  • Dioptres
  • Watts
  • Range


Miss KHP


This is for students studying GCSE Physics (4603)

This specification is for centres outside England and can be sat in modules.

Take a quiz and test yourself. You may like to do it a few times until practice makes perfect.



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