Anthology Quotes

Follower Q1
Like a full sail strung
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Follower Q2&3
An expert, exactly
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Follower Q4&5
I stumbled, tripping, falling
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Follower Q6
Dipping and rising
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Follower Q7
But today, is my father who keeps stumbling behind me and will not go away
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Walking Away Q1
Like a satellite wrenched from its orbit, go drifting away
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Walking Away Q2
With the pathos of a half-fledged thing set free
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Walking Away Q3
Who finds no path where a path should be
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Walking Away Q4
Like a winged seed loosened from its parent stem
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Walking Away Q5
Love is proved in letting go
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Eden Rock Q1&2&3
Same suit, same three plates,still
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Eden Rock Q4
The colour of wheat, takes on the light
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Eden Rock Q5
Lit by three suns
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Eden Rock Q6
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Eden Rock Q7
I had not thought that it would be like this
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Winter Swans Q1
Clouds had given their all
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Winter Swans Q2
Two days of rain and then a break
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Winter Swans Q3
Gulping for breath
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Winter Swans Q4
Silent and apart
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Winter Swans Q5
Slow-stepping in the lakes shingle and sand
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Follower Form
Iambic tetrameter, neat structure, steady rhythm, regular rhyme but some half rhymes
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Follower Structure
First 3 stanzas is the father, next 2 are the boys identity and how he failed, last stanza is a role reversal
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Follower Nautical Imagery
Sea, sailing, emphasising his fathers strength and admiration the boy had, he is everything to his son.
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Winter Swans Form
Tercets, uneven line length, lack of rhyme scheme, enjembement
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Winter Swans Structure
Seperated for first 5 stanzas, reunite in the final 2
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Winter Swans Nature Imagery
Swans are a metaphor for their relationship, love is natural
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Eden Rock Form
Regular Structure, final line seperated, mainly half rhymes
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Eden Rock Memory Language
Uses childhood memories to create a vivid scene
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Walking Away Form
1st person, enjembement, ceasura, natural speech, regular rhyme
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Card 2


An expert, exactly


Follower Q2&3

Card 3


I stumbled, tripping, falling


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Card 4


Dipping and rising


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Card 5


But today, is my father who keeps stumbling behind me and will not go away


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