Core Science Physics- Waves



There are 2 types of waves:

transverse waves: the disturbance is at right angle to the direction of the wave.
longitudinal waves: the disturbance is parallel to the direction of the wave. 

There are 4 important qualities associated with waves:

Speed: (symbol v, unit m/s) this is how fast the disturbance moves away from the source.
Frequency: (symbol f, unit Hz) this is the number of waves per second created by the source.
Amplitude: (symbol a, unit m) this is the maximum amount of movement of the source away from its midpoint.
Wavelength: (symbol lambda, unit m) this is the length of one wave, the distance between two crests.

To increase the speed, frequency, amplitude and wavelength of the wave the following must be done:

Speed: change something to do with what the wave is travelling through.
Frequency: make the source move/vibrate faster- create more waves per second.
Amplitude: make the source move/vibrate further. 
Wavelength: increase the speed or decrease the frequency.

Electromagnetic waves

1.Radio waves are produced by accelerating electrons, detected by an aireal, used for communication and there are no known dangers so far.
2.Micro waves are produced by accelerating electrons faster than radio waves, detected by dishes/aireals, used for mobiles/radar/cooking/speeding cars and they can cause cateracts in your eyes.
3.Infra red waves are produced by anything warmer than its surroundings, detected by thermal cells, used for heating/cooking/TV remote/night vision and can cause burns.
4.Visible light waves are produced by very hot objects/electricity through gas, detected by eyes/photo cells/photographic paper, used for seeing things/compact discs/DVD players/photosynthesis/cameras and can cause blindness.
5.Ultra violet waves are produced by extremely hot objects eg. the sun, detected by photographic plates/fluroscent materials, used for tanning/detecting forgeries/disco lights/sterylises/treat skin cancer and could cause skin cancer and


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