wwii origins

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3.1 - how did hitler challenge + exploit treaty of versailles, jan. 1933 - march 1938?

hitler's aims

from jan. 1933 german foreign policy was ctrlled by hitler

- immediately removed from LoN which allowed to join in '26

- saw ToV one of maj. causes of probs. promised german ppl he'd reverse treaty and retake lost territory

- longer term: planned expand into e.europe to give lebensraum which believed needed

took following steps to achieve:

- each time took territory, conv. eur. leaders germany had obtained land lost @ versailles, no further demands would b made

- benefit of seeing another country (manchuria + japan) successfully defy LoN

- eventually dev. close rel8ions w/ mussolini who withdrew from league as result abyssinian crisis

return of the saar

ind. area of saar taken from Gs in ToV and put under LoN ctrl

plebiscite 2b held 15yrs later 2 decide return

pleb held jan. '35 and 90%+ voted reunif

hitler declared first of versaille injustices to be


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