Why does biodiversity matter?

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Moral and ethical reasons

  • we share our planet with a huge range of other organisms and we have no right to drive them to extinction
  • humans have custody of the Earth and should therefore value and protect the organisms that share the planet with us

Ecological reasons

  • the higher the diversity of an ecosystem, the less likely it is to be unbalanced by changes in conditions or threats such as pollution
  • all the organisms in an ecosystem interact in many different ways and if one key species disappears, this can affect the whole community
    • we are part of many ecosystems and rely on them in many ways
  • ecosystems are of direct value to humans
    • many of the drugs that we use originate from living organisms
    • antibiotics are isolated from fungi and bacteria; anti-cancer drugs have been isolated from plants
    • the Himalayan yew is threatened by over-harvesting for medicinal use and collection for fuel
  • if we allow tropical forests with their great biodiversity to disappear, then we are undoubtedly losing species that could be beneficial to us

Aesthetic reasons

  • many people gainpleasure from studying or just appreciating the natural world, which continues to provide much inspiration for artists, photographers, poets, writer and other creative people
  • wildlife is a source of income for many countries as ectotourism has increased in popularity
    • National Parks tourism provides employment and contributes to the economies of some nations

Social and commercial reasons

  • our crop plants do not have as much genetic diversity as their wild…


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