USA's Act of Containment


Kennan's Long Telegram:

  • stated that the USSR's reasons for hostility arose out of the Russian government's long-term feeling of insecurity, which went back for hundreds of years and included a fear of its own people and what might happen if they found out about the outside world.
  • The effect of this insecurity was that no Russian government would try to make a peaceful settlement with the USA and, therefore, that attempts such as those made under Roosevelt and afterwards to bring the USSR into a long-term partnership were futile.
  • The way to defeat the Soviets was by a policy of 'containment,' because although the USSR would try to fill any space they could, they wouldn't push if they were at an immovable resistance. This meant that the USSR would never stop trying to take over the world, however they were not in any hurry, and could be stopped any any one point of pressure.
  • Kennan also stated in his telegram that the Soviet rule would…


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