Tropical Rainforests- Deforestation

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Deforestation is the main threat to tropical rainforests:

There are lots of reasons why tropical rainforests are chopped down:

·         Population pressure- as the population in the area increases, trees are cleared to make land for new settlements.

·         Mineral extraction- minerals are mined and sold to make money.

·         Energy development- building dams to generate hydro-electric power floods large areas of forest.

·         Commercial logging- trees are felled to make money. Road building for logging also requires more tree clearance.

·         Commercial farming- forest is cleared to make space for cattle grazing, or for huge palm oil or soya plantations.

·         Subsistence farming- forest is cleared so farmers can grow food for themselves and their families.

Deforestation has Environmental and Economic Impacts:

Environmental Impacts:

·         With no trees to hold the soil together, heavy rain washes




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