Titrations (pH)

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The pH scale goes form 0 to 14 

0 = Acid (red)

7 = Neutral (green)

14 = Alkali (purple)

Titrations are a method of analysing the concentration of solutions

Titrations allow you to find out exactly what volume of an acid or an alkali is needed to neutralise a sloution

1. To find the concntration of an alkali use a pipette and pipette filler add a set voulme of the alkali into a conical flask. Add 2 or 3 drops of indicator too.

2. Use a funnel to fill a burette with some acid of known concentration. Make sure you do this below eye level. Then record the initial volume of the acid in the burette.

3. Use the burette to add the acid to the alkali a bit at a time, giving the conical flask a regular swirl. Go especially slow when you reach the end point (colour change) is about to be reached.

4. The indicator changes colour when all the alkali…


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