1. Reconstruction

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Andrew Johnson

  • April 1865 - widely regarded as the right man for the job
  • Supporter of emancipation
  • BUT - launched his own programme of presidential reconstruction

Presidential Reconstruction

  • Aimed to quickly bring the south back into the political mainstream
  • Southerners had to swear oath in order to be pardoned
  • The men elected to represent soithern states = mostly ex-confederates 
  • New state governmentss backtracked on question of rights for African Americans
  • Led to the introduction of BLACK CODES
  • Although he did not want to alienate the south he had in fact undermined the status of the freedman and allowed the 'old gang' baack into power.

Congressional Reconstruction

  • From December 1865 Johnson in conflict with congress
  • 4 factions: Democrats, conservative, moderate, and radical Republicans
  • Drove many moderated into allying with radical



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