The Skeletal System


The Skeleton is a hard framework of 206 bones. It supports and protects the muscles and organs of the human body.

The skeletal system is divided into two parts;
1) Axial - consists of the skull, vertebral column, sternum and ribs.
2) Appendicular - shoulder girdle, bones of the upper limb, lower limbs and the pelvic girdle.

Functions: (Silly Sally Pokes Alan Mainly For Money)
1) Support
2) Shape
3) Protection
4) Attachment
5) Movement
6) Formation of blood cells
7) Mineral Reservoir

Support - the skeleton holds the body weight of all other tissues, so without it we wouldn't be able to stand. 

Shape - provides us with a skeleton shape, so we can do daily activities.

Protection - our skeleton protects our vital organs, such as the heart, lungs, brain, spinal cord, etc...

Attachment - muscles are attached to provide co-ordination and movement. Muscles wouldn't function without…


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