The Policies of the Federal government failed to suppot the civil rights of Native Americans how far do you agree?


Essay Plan:


  • Federal gov had a lack of clarity in their policies of Native Americans.
  • Native Americans also did not completely unite in what they wanted in civil rights 
  • Paternalistic policies of federal government hindered Native Americans it was also due to American Indians lack of self determination.

Paragraph 1: 

  • 1903 Lone Wolf v Hitchcock case example of federal gov failing to support American Indian Civil Rights
  • The lone wolf v hitchcock case concluded in a supreme court decision that enabled federal government to dispose of Indian land without the need to gain consent of the Indians involved.
  • This makes Federal Government seem unsympathetic to the rights of Native Americans because they are seen not to support Native civil rights as they aim to ensure that Federal Government power and dominative control is maintained.
  • This therefore supports the view that Federal Government failed to support the civil rights of Native Americans as they ensured White Anglo-Saxon Protestant command was their only priority, otherwise they wouldn’t have continued to discriminate Native Americans when they tried to assert their rights.
  • The Lone Wolf v Hitchcock reverts all progress made by the 1887 Dawes Severalty Act, which gave citizenship to some tax paying Native Americans. The Dawes Act is however extremely ostensible.
  • The Dawes Act disproves the view by showing Federal Government supporting Native civil rights by being the first major legislation to benefit their role in society. However, ultimately the view is proved correct as the Dawes Act placed many uneducated Natives in debt and many Natives


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