The Cold War - End of WWII and The Iron Curtain



Near to the end of World War 2, Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met in Yalta in February 1945. Here they decided what to do with Germany, if defeated at the end of the war. They agreed to split Germany into 4 zones, each country occupying one, including France. They also wanted to allow free elections however, Stalin did not allow free elections in Eastern Europe. Due to their conflicting ideas, as the USSR was communist, while US was capitalist, the two countries soon fell out with each other. In July 1945, Roosevelt had died and Churchill had lost the election. Truman was now president and he disagreed with Stalin making Poland a communist country. He, in turn, did not tell Stalin that he had the atomic bomb. This was the bomb that was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan, which ended the war. Stalin was furious that he wasn’t told. The US and USSR engaged within a Cold War as there has always been tension.


Truman wanted to stop communism from spreading and offered to help any country that was under military threat.This called the Containment Policy. George C Marshall, the Secretary of State offered $13 million to the countries that was trying to reconstruct after the war. This helped with the Containment Policy, as more countries were liking America and would less likely to follow the USSR. This is the Marshall Plan.


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