Stem Cells

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Undifferentiated cells.

Stem cell potency- the stem cells ability to differentiate into different cells is called its potency.

The greaterv number of cells it can differentiate into the greater it's potency.


  • Totipotent- Stem cells that can differentiate into any type of cell, the zygote or fertilized egg are totipotent.
  • Pluripotent- Stem cells that can form all types of tissue but not whole organisms, in embryoes and are the origin of all types of tissue in the body.
  • Multipotent- Stem cells that can only form a range of cells within a certain type of tissue. Haematopoetic stem cells in bone marrow are multipotent as they can form various types of blood cells.

Sources in animal stem cells:

1) Embryonic stem cells- Present…


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