Spies - Mrs Hayward

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Spies - the Character of Mrs Hayward

1) On the outside, Mrs Hayward is calm and self-controlled.

Mrs Hayward appears to be a lady of leisure who has a perfect, ordered life. She is typical of her social class and era. Everything about her and her house is perfect - even the chickens lead elegant lifes in a 'spacious kingdom'. She is described as a paragon of 'grace and serenity'. She always appears calm and cheerful. She does little all day - Stephen says she rests in her room or on the sofa with a book.

2) She is brave and resolute.

However, we learn that, whilst she might appear to lead a calm, ordered and respectable life, she lives under the tyranny of Mr Hayward's rule. She must, in fact, be miserable and afraid but


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