Sonnet 29 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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  • A dislike of urban life, embrace of the natural world.
  • A love of the supernatural
  • Use of ordinary language

Overwhelming intensity of love.

Sonnet form 

  • first 8 lines pose a problem
  • last 6 lines solve the problem
  • line 9 is a turn which moves to the resolution (volta)

Sonnet is a poem of perfect love

Petrarchan sonnet form not Shakespearean sonnet form. This was due to Shakespearean having a sexual connection to them, Browning felt that she would relate more to Petrarch's intense feeling before any physical recognition. Petrarch's was more appropriate for her love.

'put out broad leaves, and soon there's nought to see' loses iambic pentameter, overwhelming love causes her to lose control of her poetic form.

The volta is in line 7-8 'Rather, instantly renew thy presence' breaks the rules…


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