Somerset's foreign policy


Europe during Edward VI

Scotland- 1542 James V had died. The ruler is 5 year old Mary Queen of Scots, a Catholic ruler. Contry was starting to be affected by Protestantism. They were defeated in the Battle of Solway Moss 1542. The rough wooing started as Henry wanted Mary to marry Edward VI.

France- 1547 Francis I dies after Henry. Henry II becomes King of France. His son, Francis is born in 1544. He's very anti-english and wants Bologne and Calais, which he'll eventually get. England owns Calais and the seign of Bologne made England vulnerable. Henry doesn't want MQoS marrying into the English family.

Spain- Charles V is still in charge. He's also still HRE. Charles betrays Henry many times, and is very concerned with the growth of Protestantism in Europe, so he isn't concerned with France or England. They had benefitted from Intercurcus Magnus, a trade deal between England and most of Norther Europe. 

Neatherlands trade is still important and it will be how Charles V is dealt with.

Charles doesn't affect FP till Northumberland.

Scotland and France

  • Somerset keeps pushing for marriage with Mary Queen of Scots.
  • Aware of France's aggressivenessm and new Anti-English king, so Somerset strengthens defences around Bologne and Calais.
  • June 1547- Aude Alliance renewed with new King.
  • France sends a fleet and 400 troops to Scotland.
  • Somerset felt he had no choice but to invade (used the arranging the marriage under the Treaty of Greenwich of 1543 as an excuse).
  • England…


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