Socio Cultural Studies - PE

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Physical Activity

 Physical activity: movement that gets the body moving and heart pumping

Exercise: Physical activity done which requires effort to improve health and fitness

Healthy Balanced lifestyle: Day to day life that has quality and wellness which includes, Diet, exercise, injury prevention, sleep, hygeine, stress, relationships

Lifetime sport: Enjoyed over a lifetime e.g. tennis

Benefits of regular participation in sport

  • physical benefits: to do with the body (loose weight)
  • Mental benefits: to do with the mind (stress relief)
  • Personal benefits: to do with self (improved self esteem)
  • Social benefits: to do with others (having positive relationships)

The need for regular participation in physical activity

Sedentary lifestyle: modern technology has reduced the need to move and exercise (cars, lifts, washing machines, TVS). More hours being spent infront of TV.  young people are not being as active and not getting their 60 mins exercise a day which is leading to obeisty and a non healthy active lifestyle.

The barriers facing young people in their participation in regular physical activty

  • lack of oppertunity (taking part based on time and money)
  • Lack of provision (availibility of facilities)
  • lack of esteem (confidence inself)

The definitions, characteristics and benefits of

Physical Recreation

  • Activities done for a variety of reasons at a fun level
  • It is available to all
  • In free time
  • Limited funding
  • enjoyment
  • Taking part not winning

Outdoor recreation

  • Activites done in the natural environment ( a walk)
  • Escape from modern life, thoughts and feelings
  • respect for environment
  • Gaining a sense of adventure (sense of excitment)

Physical Education

  • Learning of physical, personal, qualitive values through schools
  • Oppertunities (GCSE, A levels)
  • Specialist staff
  • Prepare for a career in sport
  • Enjoyment
  • Healthy active lifestyle

Outdoor education

  • Learning in and about the natural environment
  • as part of structured school programme
  • Special trips
  • Specialist staff
  • Physical health and skill learning
  • Preperation for active leisure (love the outdoors)
  • Appreciation of environment


  • Organised competitive skilful physical activity, which requires commitment and fair play.
  • Is for those who have physical prowess (skill) and physical endeavour (effort and skill)
  • It is at a designated time and length
  • At a designated place with purpose built facilities
  • High commitment and competition
  • sponpership and media
  • Sportsman ship = Fair play
  • Gamesman ship = Stretching the rules to gain an unfair advantage
  • Deviance = seriously breaking the rules and norms

The united Kingdom

Ethnic sports: Highland games, Shrovetide football, cheese rolling


  • festive/ Ritual
  • Traditional
  • Locas
  • Social
  • Tourism
  • Annual

Nineteenth century Public Schools

  • Queen victoria reigned for 65 years
  • Improved transport
  • upper middle class boys attend elite, fee paying, boarding schools.
  • Working class improved

Public Schools help to promote and organise sports and games

  • Funding - Build specialist facilities, employ specialist coaches
  • Plenty of time to practise
  • usually plenty of space
  • games were compulsory every day
  • Boys involved in organisation
  • Fixtures

How did team team games spread

  • ex-pupils from these schools took on major leadership roles in society spreading the passion for team games.

Traditional Amateur to a more professional approach

  • 1900- amateurs took




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