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Smallpox was a serious health threat, peaks in epedemic, they did NOT know what caused it. 

Why was smallpox such a feared disease?

Small pox was a feared disease because so many people died from it. It was an infectious disease and people wanted to avoid getting small pox, and tried to find a cure for it. In 1796, 3548 people died from the small pox.

How did people try to avoid catching it and how successful were these methods?

People tried to avoud the small pox by deliberately infecting themselves with the small pox, so later on they wouldn't a severe case (inoculate). This was done by doctors, but only the wealthy people could afford this. They did have some ideas on how to avoid catching it. They noticed that people who caught a mild form of smallpox and then recovered did not catch it again. The method of "inoculate" had little success because people died from it and only rich could afford it. 

  • Deliberately gave them mild doses of small pox, protect them from small pox.
  • Innoculation - observation
  • Even thought it isn't workinh properly, there is CHANGE happening going away from the idea of miasma. - Basis of vaccination - Thomas Deepdale - famous as he was successful.

Jenner was a Gloucetershire doctor (rural area, countryside), in the late 18th Centuy. He had trained as an apprentice to a surgeon - apothecary and then practised medicine at St.George's Hospital in London, then returning to Gloucestershire, where he became a GP. His theory was, people who got cow pox did not get infected with


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