Slim Your Thighs


To slim your thighs you only need to know a few moves. So we're going to start:

                 With your feet together shift back

                 Weight is on the heels

                 Your knees shouldn't be going over your toes

                 Chest out,

                 Core engage

Now we're gonna take a big step out a little wider than hip width then bring that other leg together, fire out your kick stay low step out back kick nice low weight is in the heels push when you go for that kick it's really getting those outer thighs here and you're getting a little bonus working your obliques nice.

We're gonna shoot for the ten one direction and we're gonna head over to the other. So maybe take a little shake, three seconds, loosen it up should be burning but now I gotta even it up ten more on the other side. So

                 Say it low

                 Shift back

                 Chest up

                 Abs tight

                 Take a step out

                 Step together

                 Fire that kick

                 Low and back.

When it comes to your fitness all roles are all right. Think about it, try to stay low the whole time. When we start standing up we start wasting the time and I want you to get the most out of this workout.

Our next move is another killer thigh workout but totally worth it.

                 Take your feet together to begin

                 tailbone tucked

                 chest up

                 take a lateral step out to the side

Right knee is going to bend and left leg is going to go straight, so stay low. knee again is over the ankle not the toe, left leg is straight get a stretch in that inner thigh and then we're gonna step our…


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