Section 2: Easter Rising Causes


How did Carsonism contribute to the Easter Rising?

Governement only responded to threat of force. The UVF formation caught B Government by surprise.

The UVF was decisive spur to be the militarisation of nationalist politics"- Townshed.

Carsons leadership discredited constitutional nationalism.

Thanks to the UVF and Carson the IRB was able to help launch a private army which was used to radicalise Irish nationalist opinion.

The Larne Gun running exerted a major influence on all nationalists.

Clarke was thrilled to learn of UVF activity in the North. He was impressed by their actions and saw it as an example.

Laffan- "the formation of the UVF in 1913 and the success of unionist threats of violence in oppostition to home rule as instrmental in rekindling the fenian flame."

George Boyce and Alvin Jackson agree that "Patrick Pearse, a keen supporter of Home Rule, as late as 1912 became an advocate of armed rebellion following the insporation of the UVF.

The Irish Volunteers was an ideal intrument for staging his rebellion- Tom Clarke.

How the First World War influenced the Easter Rising:

Alvin Jackson writes "the Easter Rising is virtually unimaginable' without the First World War.

Richard English writes "the 1916 rising was very much a world war 1 event both in terms of the Rupert Brooke-style poetry of its leader Patrick Pearse and in terms of the opportunity it offered for a rebellion with a chance of sucess."

"If Home Rule had enacted, there was little chance of a rising"a Townshed.

War fatally undermined Redmond, he was a casuality of war.

The war radicallised Irish Nationalism and split the volunteers.

Young revlutionaries…


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