Section 1: Food, Nutrition and Health - Chapter 1: Nutrients - 5: Minerals

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  • What minerals are:
    • Micronutrients - needed in small amounts
    • Calcium, iron, sodium, fluoride, iodine, phosphorus
  • What minerals do in the body:
    • Calcium:
      • Strong bones and teeth; makes nerves and muscles work; helps blood clot after injury
    • Iron:
      • Makes haemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen to produce energy in body cells
    • Sodium:
      • Controls water in body, nerves and muscles
    • Fluoride:
      • Strengthens tooth enamel and bones
    • Iodine:
      • Produces thyroxin in thyroid gland to control metabolic rate of body
    • Phosphorus:
      • Strong bones and teeth; energy release; makes cell membranes especially in the brain
  • Deficiency (not enough) of minerals in the diet:
    • Calcium:
      • Bones and teeth weeaken; bones bend; nerves and muscles do not work properly; blood will not clot after injury
    • Iron:
      • Iron…


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