Section 1: Food, Nutrition and Health - Chapter 1: Nutrients - 3: Carbohydrates

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  • What carbohydrate is:
    • Macronutrient
    • Made by plants during photosynthesis
    • Sugars:
      • Monosaccharides: glucose, fructose and galactose
      • Disaccharides: sucrose, lactose and maltose
    • Complex carbohydrates:
      • Polysaccharides: starch, pectin, dextrin and dietry fibre (also called non-starch polysaccharide - NSP)
  • What carbohydrate does in the body:
    • Main source of energy
    • To get rid of waste products (dietry fibre)
  • Main sources of carbohydrate:
    • Glucose:
      • Ripe fruits and vegatables (e.g. apples, onions, beetroot, parsnip, sweet potato). Also available in drinks, tablets and powder form
    • Fructose:
      • Fruits, vegetables and honey. High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) used as a sweetener in many processed foods and carbonated soft drinks
    • Galactose:
      • Milk from mammals
    • Maltose:
      • Barley, a syrup (malt extract), added to breakfast cereals, biscuits…


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