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Regan is the second oldest of Lear's three daughters and simplistically categorised as one of the 'evil sisters'.  Her animosity towards Lear is perhaps more understandable than Goneril's but nonetheless critics have tried to rationalise her actions than mere sadistic out bursts. 

Like Goneril, Regan also submits to the love-test. She chooses to pacifies Lear with her promises of love but in doing so she does also secure her own share of the Kingdom and its wealth. This does suggest her own greed but equally so it could just be argued that she is getting what should be hers by birth right. Unlike Goneril, Regan's speech is full of elaborate imagery and indeed the Regan's whole lexis is one which is dominated by talking emotionally and in exaggeration.

Regan's marriage to Cornwall seems far more successful than Goneril's marriage to Albany. The couple suit each other and seem happy. However, they both seem to enjoy the exercise of power and violence hence they push each other…


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