Reasons for migration


Reasons for immigration

There were a number of factors that forced or encouraged people to move to Scotland after 1830.

The factors that forced people to leave their native country to move to Scotland can be referred to as 'push factors'.

The factors that encouraged people to move, specifically to Scotland, can be referred to as ‘pull factors’.

Push factors affecting immigrants

Political problems and foreign rule

By the 19th century, Ireland was ruled by Protestant Britain. Ireland was largely split along religious lines with Catholics in the south and Protestants in the north.

Many of the laws that the British Government passed for Ireland were anti-Catholic. (75% of Irish immigrants were Catholic). They could not:

  • inherit land from a Protestant
  • borrow money to buy land
  • vote in elections

Land ownership

Very few Irish farmers owned the land that they worked on - tenant farmers had to pay rent, which was decided by the landowner.

Many landowners did not live on the land. Some lived in England and used…


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