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- Most important theories/models: Gregory's Top Down/Indirect Theory of Perceptual Organisation, Gibson's Bottom Up/Direct Theory of Perceptual Organisation and Bruce and Young's Model

- Most important (case) studies: Colin Turnball and the case of Kenge, Gibson and Walk's 'Visual Cliff' and Deregowski's studies

- Most important illusions: The Ponzo Illusion, The Necker Cube and The Muller-Lyer Illusion

- Topics: Theories of perceptual organisation (Gregory and Gibson), culture and percpetion (Kenge), the development of perception (Gibson and Walk), face recognition (Bruce and Young) and Prosopagnosia (Bauer)


- Most important theories/models: The Dual Control Model, Set Point Theory, The Boundary Model and The Restraint Theory

- Most important (case) studies: Miller's 'Fat Rat' Study, Garg et al's 'Grapes and Popcorn Study', Herman and


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