Prevention and Treatment (Paracelsus)

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1. Humoural imbalances are an old way to prevent and also treat people. They still use this bleeding, purging and sweating to balance out the humours. This was used to the 17th Century and over.

- Remedies were still used to prevent and treat people. They were looking at other countris for remedies that can cure diseases.

- There was a new theory of illnesses transferring to an object. They started rubbing warts with onion and thought the warts would transfer to the onion.

2. Remedies were chosen now days because of their colour or shape. For example if you had samll pox, one of the symptons you would get is a red rash. To treat this by drinking red wine, eating red foods and wearing red clothes. New herbal remedies started to appear from other countries. 

Using onion, that could have anitiotic, or antissepticuse. They use plants that has some anibiotic or antisspetic. 

New herbals came and they use this to cure disease, because they work (herbals coming from the new world)

Herbals that


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