Politics A2 4D - Conflict, War and Terrorism Definitions

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Civil War - Armed conflict between politically organised groups within a state, fought for the control of a state/establish a new one

Conventional Warfare - Form of warfare, conducted by regular/uniformed/national military units uses conventional weaponry and battle tactics

Blitzreig - 'Lightening' war.  Deep penetration by armoured columns preceded by ariel bombing to reduce resistance

Total War - involving all aspects of society, large scale conscription, economy to military ends, aim of unconditional surrender through mass destruction of enemy targets military/civilian

Hegemonic War - fought for world dominance. Restructure global balance of power

Guerilla War - 'little' war, irregular troops using tactics suited to terrain, emphasize mobilitary + surprise over massive firepower

Militarism - cultural/ideological phenomenon where military priorities/ideas/values pervade larger society

Autarky - 'self-rule' associated with economic self-sufficiency through colonial expansion/withdrawal from international trade

Identity War - quest for cultural regenertaion expressed through demand that a people's collective identity is publically and politically recognized is a primary motivation for conflict

Asymmetrical War - between opponents unequal economic/military/technological levels of power.  Warfare strategies adapted to needs of weak

Insurgency - armed uprising, irregular soldiers, aims to overthrow established regime

Mercenaries - hired soldiers in service of foreign power

Militancy - extreme commitment, level of passion associated with struggle of war

Ethnic Cleansing - forcible expulsion/extermination of foreign peoples (euphemism for genocide)

Revolution in Military Affairs - development of new military strategies 'high-tech'/'smart' weapons aimed at achieving swift decisive outcomes

Blitz - intensive sustained aerial bombardment

Realpolitik - 'realistic/practical politics' guided by practical…


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