Political Unrest for Spain 1930-31

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Creation of SR + democratic gov didn't = to an end of political unrest which Spain had previously.

new & democratic system of gov pleased the moderate left & liberal reformers

radical groups e.g. anarchists & communists  impatient for change

> angry about how slow the political processes were in a constitutional gov

> resulted in coup in 1932  & Asturias rising 

 Coup in 1932

by the left a failed military coup led by General Sanjurjo

>Believed reason for the coup was cuz of the autonomous rule for Catalonia.

had successes in Seville

Failed in Madrid & in Military as the ringleader were arrested.

Showed how fragile SR was any gov policies could cause opponents to emerge.

Asturias Rising

socialist + communist = revolutionary strike in October 1934 in Madrid & armed insurrection in Northern region of Asturias

caused because the left believed allowing the CEDA members into the cabinet…


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