Physical development key words and definition


Physical development key words for different life stages

Infancy and early childhood:

  • gross motor skills 
  • fine motor skills


  • puberty 
  • growthspurt
  • primary and secondary sexual charactaristics 

Early adulthood:

  • physical maturity

Middle adulthood:

  • menopause

Later adulthood:

  • ageing process 
  • loss of mobility

Definition of key words:

gross motor skills; Gross motor skills are large movements you make with your body, arms, legs or feet. for example crawling, running, walking and jumping are all gross motor skills.

fine motor skills; fine motor skills are the smaller movements you make with your body, and hands. for example knitting or writing are fine motor skills.

puberty; puberty is the period of becoming first capable of reproducing sexually that is brought on by the production of sex hormones and the maturing of the reproductive organs, for example the ovaries.


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