Olympics in the Past


Berlin Olympics 1936

  • games used by Hitler and Nazi party as a stage for political propaganda for ideology that viewed Germany as a 'Superior Empire'
  • Third Reich Ideology
  • used games to show 'effective and efficient' Nazi team, as well as superiority of the 'master race'
  • Nazi Germany team trained full time - stretch ideal of games being an essentially amateur competition
  • Lutz Lang, blue eyes blond hair German athlete - Hitler's 'star' - beaten by 'inferior' Jesse Owen
  • caused upset to the Nazi party
  • there were anti-semantic posters around area before the games - dissappeared before the event

Munich Olympics 1972

  • day before games started, 8 Palestinian terrorists - Black September Group - entered Olympic village and seized 11 members of Israeli Olympic team
  • made political request to release 234 Palestinians' imprisoned in Israel
  • German authorities tried to rescue hostages - botched attempt - all hostages and 5 terrorists died
  • IOC decided that games should go on - opening ceremony was pushed back by one day and a…


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