Migration and Empire


Economic and cultural impact of Scots

Reasons for the success of Scottish immigrants

  • They had a very strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • They adapted well to the harsher climates.
  • They formed their own communities and helped each other.
  • Scottish farmers could use their skills and knowledge to improve their farms.
  • Those skilled tradesmen who settled had exactly the skills needed to match the economic needs of the new countries.
  • Scots who had experience in commerce, trade, banking and industry could take full advantage of the new business opportunities in the new lands.
  • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, accountants and architects) often found their skills were in great demand.

Cultural impact of Scots

Scottish place names were given to the areas where the Scots settled. Examples of this are Perth in Australia and Nova Scotia (New Scotland) in Canada. New Zealand place names such as Oban, Invercargill, Lumsden, Glenorchy, Gillespie's Point, Stewart Island and Lake Benmore…


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