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Angles can be measured in either radians or degrees where 180^\circ = \pi ( radians. If you know that 180^\circ = \pi ( radians, you can easily convert between the two.

To convert from degrees to radians, a^ \circ \to {a \over {180}} \times \pi \; rads (

So 30° converts to radians as follows:

{{30} \over {180}}\;\pi ( = {\pi \over 6} ( or {1 \over 6}\pi ( radians

To convert from radians to degrees, \theta \; rads \to {\theta \over \pi } \times 180^\circ ( If the angle contains \pi (, simply replace \pi ( with 180° as shown below.

To convert {\pi \over 4} ( radians into degrees

{{180^ \circ } \over 4} ( = 45^ \circ (

Exact Values:

Image result for exact values higher maths (

These exact values are necessary to know for Higher, so try to tremember them.

All, Sin, Tan and Cos:

Quadrant for trigonometrical equations (

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