Key terms - Culture, Indentity and Socialisation

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·         Adolescence: The period of growing up between childhood and adulthood

·         Adulthood: When an individual is accepted by their culture as a full member

·         Age groups: Ways in which people of the same or similar age share a status and associated roles

·         Agencies of socialisation: institutions in which people are socialised

·         Beliefs: Statements that people hold to be true

·         Child-centred: a society in which children are highly valued and a lot of time is devoted to their well-being

·         Childhood: The period before adulthood. Individuals are not granted full adult rights.

·         Coercion: The use or threat of force or violence

·         Cultural Relativism: considering all cultures on their own terms rather than from a western point of view

·         Culture: The way of life of a society

·         Customs: norms in a particular society that are widely accepted and carry on over time

·         Diversity: Where there are many differences; cultural diversity refers to big differences between human cultures

·         Elderly: belonging to the age group of those in advanced years

·         Ethnic minority: An ethnic group that is relatively small is comparison to a society and is seen as different

·         Ethnicity: Cultural differences

·         Race: The biological differences between groups of people

·         Femininity: The expected behaviour associated with a female

·         Masculinity: The expected behaviour associated with a male

·         Feral children: children who have not been socialised

·         Gender: the roles and expectations associated with being male or female

·         Sex: Biological male or female


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