Judaism - Values, Ethics and Traditions


Different Types of Jews:

  • Reform
  • Orthordox
  • Conservative
  • Reconstructionist

Views on God:

  • God is the all powerful being who created the universe.
  • God is usually written, or acknowledge by most Jews as: G-d, YHWH, and most will typically avoid assigning a gender to it. 
  • Instead of using God, they may acknowledge the creator as things like: Adonai, Elohim, El, El Elyon and so on.
  • Almost all types of Jews (Reform, Reconstructionist, Orthodox) have practically the same view of God.

What is ethical monotheism?

This is the concept whereby there is one God and this allows for only ONE set of rules and/or laws within a religious tradition. Whereas, if you have multiple deities, this would create ethical polytheism, where there are multiple ethics for that religion. This is a problem as if there are multiple ethics, what is definitively right or wrong? Alternatively, if you have only one ethical system, you are definitively sure about what is morally right or wrong.

The She'ma: a daily prayer to establish the idea that there is only one God and the Jewish people have a connection to that God.


Noah - God flooded the earth and…


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