Information processing


Information processing - The methods by which data from the environment are collected and utilised

Input stage - Information picked up by the senses

Display - The sporting environment

Receptor systems - The senses that pick up information from the display

Proprioceptors - The senses that provide internal information from within the body

Kinaesthesis - The inner sense that gives information about body position and muscular strength

Selective attention - Filtering relevant information from irrelevant information

Stimuli - The important and relevant items of information from the display such as the flight of the ball

Perception - The process of coding and interpreting sensory information

Translatory mechanisms - Adapting and comparing coded information to memory so that decisions can be made

Effector mechanisms - The networ of nerves that sends coded impulses to the muscles

Working memory - Performs a number of functions

Central executive - The control centre of the WMM, it uses three other 'systems' to control all the information moving in and out of the momory system



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