Impact of political events of Spain 1930-31

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1st republic 1873-74 


King Alfonso XIII constitutional monarchy ruled Spain 1875-1922


Military dictatorship 1923-30 ( General Miguel Primo de Rivera)

  • Traditionally governed by a monarch due to its belief of divine right 

Bloodless coup 1923 > unelected military leader took formal leadership of country in SEPT 1923. General Miguel Primo de Rivera

  • cuz of the corruption monarch held
  • cuz of the military weakness associated with monarchy > led to social unrest.
  • only pledged for 90 day> governed for 7 yrs 
  • King still remained on political scene 
  • king supported new regime it kept it already established political and social order of 'NATION, CHRUCH and KING'- Raymond Carr

Rivera's ruling

  • made limited attempts to improve country's economic conditions and their infrastructure.
  • Couldn't quell the growing social unrest throughout the 20's & 30's.
  • under pressure form effects of GD in 1929
  • increasingly…


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