Humanistic Approach

  • Free will:
    • Human beings are essentially self determining and have free will. 
    • Can be affected by external or interna influences but humans are active agents who have the ability to determine their own development. 
  • Self-actualisation:
    • Everyone has an innate tendancy to achieve their full potential. Self-actualisation is the uppermost level in Maslow's hiearchy of needs. 
    • All 4 lower levels must be met before the individual can work their way towards self-actualisation and fulfil their potential. 
    • Personal growth is an essential part of being human. There are important psychological barriers that perevnt a person from reaching their full potential.
    • Personal growth = developing and changing as a person to become fulfilled, satisfied and goal orientated. 
  • Maslow's hiearchy of needs:



Love and Belongingness

Safety and Security

Physiological needs

  • The self, congruence and conditions of worth:
    • For personal growth to be achieved, a person's concept of the way they see themselves must be broadly equivalent to their ideal self (the person they want to be).
    • If too big a gap exists between the two selves then the person will experience a state of incongruence and self-actualisation will not be…


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