How did Weimar culture challenge traditional attitudes and values in Germany?


Key people to remember;

  • Singer/actress Marlene Dietrich
  • Architect Gropius the leader of the Bahaus movement
  • Artists Paul Klee and Otto Dix
  • Writer Erich Maria Remarque who wrote 'All Quiet on the Western Front'
  • Film-maker Fritz Lang

In 1923, the Weimar Republic was on the verge of collapse, but, surprisingly, the crisis was the start of a period of stability and success. The period 1923-1929 was a time when the economy boomed and cultural life flourished in Germany.

This dramatic turnabout happened because Germany was saved by two people - Gustav Stresemann and Charles Dawes.

Portrait of Gustav Stresemann (

Gustav Stresemann

Gustav Stresemann had been…




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