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Cultural Context

Christopher Columbus landed in 1492

It is thought that lacrosse was played by natives before this.

Mob football was then brought across by English settlers and played for the first time in 1607 in James town.

Sports such as bare knuckle fighting and wrestling were popular as they provided opportunity for gambling.

The British aristocracy then brought Horse racing in 1655, and Hunting and Polo to America. The rules and etiquettes followed those in Britain.

In the early 1800's cricket emerged as a sport on the eastern seabaord in emerging citites such as Philadelphia. The fact that it emerged on the eastern seaboard shows follows colonisation on the eastcoast.

Fronteir: Boundary of western expansion

Isolation Policy: Following the decleration of independance in 1776 America adopted an isolation policy where it aimed to take itself away from the traditions of the British people. It led to the marginalisation of British sports and the adaption and invention of new sports.

Frontier Spirit: Determination and resillience shown by settlers living on the frontier who ahd to live in harsh conditions and defend themselves from acttacks by native Americans. This was a factor in the development of Sport and the American Dream. 

The USA went through a period called the New World period, which was also going on…


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