Gov2 Revision checklist

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 1.The Constitution.                                           


 3.The Core Executive.                                      

 4.Multi Level Governance.                                             

                 THE CONSTITUTION                                               


 1.Purpose and Content of Constitutions:                                                







 2.Characteristics of Constitutions:                                            

 a)Written v Unwritten.                                                     

 b)Flexible v Rigid.                                                

 c)Unitary v Federal                                            

 d)Monarchical v Republican.                                        

 e)Presidential v Parliamentarian.                                              

 3.Aspects of British Constitution:                                               


 b)Rule of Law.                                      

 c)Fusion of Powers.                                           

 4.Sources of the British Constitution:                                      

 a)Constitutional Documents.                                      

 b)Works of Authority.                                       

 c)Statute Law.                                     

 d)Royal Prerogative.                                         


 f)Common Law.                                                    


 h)European Union Law.                                                    

 5.The Development of British Constitution                                            





 6.The Debate over Constitutional Reform:                                             




 7.Issues of Debate on Constitutional Reform                                       




8.Implementation of Constitutional Reform                                          

 a)Freedom of Information.                                             




 e)Regional Government.                                                 



 9.The Impact of Constitutional Reform:                                                    





 10.Arguments For Written Constitution:                                                 


 b)Elective Dictatorship.                                                   



11.Arguments Against Written Constitution:                                        






12.Role of Judiciary under Constitution:                                                   






 13.Independence of Judiciary:Constitution                                          







 14.Impact of Judicial Review:Constitution:                                           


 b)Anti Terrorism.                                                 

 c)Prague Airport.                                                 




 g)Extent of Influence.                     

15.European Convention & Constitution:                                                



 c)Human Rights.                                                  




 1.The Nature of Parliament:                                         

 a)Arguments for a Unicameral System.                                                     

 b)Arguments for a Bicameral System.                                      

 2.The Functions of Parliament:                                                     







 3.The House of Commons:                                              

 a)Public Bills.                                       

 b)Private Members Bills.                                                 

 c)Private Bills.                                     

 d)Legislative Process.                                     

 e)Standing Committees.                                                  

 f)Select Committees.                                       

 g)Public Accounts Committee.                                    


4.The House of Lords:                                       





 5.Reform of the House of Lords:                                                   

 a)Parliament Act of 1911.                                               

 b)Parliament Act of 1949.                                               



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