• The splitting of the 6-carbon glucose molecule into two 3-carbon pyruvate molecules

Link reaction:

The 3-carbon pyruvate molecules enter into a series of reactions which lead to the formation of acetylcoemnzyme A, a 2-carbon molecule

Krebs cycle:

The introduction of acetylcoenzyme A into a cycle of oxidation-reduction reactions that yield some ATP and a large quantity of reduced NAD and FAD

Oxidative phosphorylation:

The use of electrons, associated with reduced NAD and FAD, released from the Krebs cycle to synthesise ATP with water produced as a by-product


  • Takes place in the cytoplasm of cells
  • Its reaction begins with the oxidation of glucose
  • Energy is released and ATP is made

Phosphorylation of glucose:

  • A glucose molecule is phosphorylated
  • The reaction is endothermic


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