gdr ; economy in 80s

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- SED prop. emph. GDR citizens by 80s enj. sec. full emp. / non-ex. homelessness / cheap rent / heav. sub. essential food / pub. trans. cost virt. unchanged since gdr cre8ion

- accurate in some ways e.g inexpensive travel but for most part distorted

- full emp. meant in some ind. + serv. there was overstaffing

- citizens seen politically unreliable may not have had emp. opps of choice

- lack of new housing meant many in cramped conditions on cramped transport

- food available but long ting queues w/ increasingly rare luxuries

- mid-80s GDR facing slower ind. growth leading 2 falling income 4 gov.

- eco. growth between '82-'85 slowed to 1.5% from prev. 2% '76-'80

- honecker could only respond w/in range of short-term measures that only served 2 make worse in medium/long term

- hastily imp. measures inc. red. pub. spending /


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